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Wild Swarm Slot of Push Gaming

Many experienced customers of different Online casinos are of the opinion that the Wild Swarm Slot is particularly well suited to the manufacturer Push Gaming. This is not just the very detailed animations and graphics. Also the rousing, but never intrusive sound is not the main reason why Wild Swarm play so much fun. The virtual slot offers the luck knight not only a bonus feature, but several innovative features that provide fun, tension and at best for very high profits.

Unfortunately, the rules for the slot machines are available directly on the slot only in English. Since Wild Swarm but also becomes more popular in US, we have now put together everything in German, what you need to know about Wild Swarm from Push Gaming.

Discover Wild Swarm online - an overview of the slot machine

You experience a funny and extremely sympathetic bee colony with Wild Swarm online, which can help you to great money. The beesSchwarm, through which the game has received his name, is diligent and collects the whole day honey. The slot machine's profit symbols ensure that you can quickly immerse yourself in the world of bees as a user and almost becomes part of the wild swarm. The following symbols are represented at Wild Swarm and are listed here in the order of their value:

  • The dollar sign
  • The good-humored bee king
  • The honey pot
  • The white flower
  • The purple flower
  • Ass
  • king
  • lady
  • Bub

The a total of 20 paylines available at Wild Swarm can not be chosen individually, but are always played completely. Since there are pro line between a cent and 5 euros, there is a total of 20 cents to 100 $ per game round. If you prefer to play Wild Swarm for free instead of using real money, but of course you have to risk nothing. Which style of playing you prefer: Do not miss this great machine game in any case.

Play wild swarm - this is how the slot works

After you have determined the height of your bet, you can already start. Simply press the start button, and hope that the rolls show after the standstill symbol combinations that help you to win. As with the overwhelming number of slot machines, the paylines also run at the bee-slot exclusively from the left to the right side. In addition to the quite well-successful base game, there are a number of features that make Wild Swarm play only really interesting.

More profits thanks wild symbol

The symbol with the inscription "WILD" and the delicious dripping honey in the background can replace the normal profit symbols of the game and often brings you additional profit combinations. During the Free Spins This main sign receives various additional skills, which we will explain a little more accurate later.

The hive as a scatter symbol at Wild Swarm

A hive symbol in triple execution is what all players like to see, even if you play Wild Swarm for free and ultimately goes "only" to play money. The three scatter symbols solve seven free spells where there are additional functions to discover. During the free spins, all wild symbols are "sticky", which means that they remain at the point where they have appeared until all Free Spins are over. During the free spells, the symbol is no longer shaped by the lettering, but it's a bee and splashing honey to see.

A whole bee swarm - another feature

During the basic game, bienna symbols can appear at any time. As this looks exactly, you can discover if you play Wild Swarm for free. If a bee appears, it flies in the hive at the right edge of the slot machine. In her place, the Wild Swarm Slot now shows a wild symbol through which additional profit combinations can arise. Each bee increases the display on the hive. If she reached the value 5, the chance is that the "Swarm mode" is triggered free of charge.

If the bee swarm is active, further sticky wilds are added to the rolls, and ten free spells begin. Since there are many wilds and every published wild symbol will stop until the end of the Free Spins at the point where it appeared, there are partly extremely high profits in the swarm mode. Therefore, it should be part of every strategy for this game to achieve the swarm mode. This is especially true if you do not want to play Wild Swarm for free, but want to win real money in the online casino.

The treasure chairs ensure further profits

In addition to the other profit symbols, there is still treasure chests at Wild Swarm. In contrast to the other profit symbols, they do not have to appear on a common profit line, but a single chest is sufficient to trigger a profit. There are five hidden honeycombs appear, and the player must then select one of this honeycombs. He then receives the price that is located below. In addition to multipliers and other great prizes, the treasure chest can also contain free spells or to trigger the swarm mode with particularly good luck. So the scatter is not the only way to get free games on this bees slot.

During the free spins, treasure chairs can also appear. Their content is even more valuable than in the chests found in basic mode. Here there is both additional free spins, as well as an improvement of the Sticky Wilds to win. In fact, Push Gaming has built two possible types of improvement:

  • Shifting Wilds: Every Sticky Wild moves automatically as far as possible and then remains until the end of the Free Spins at this position. So there is even more lucrative combinations and thus higher profits.
  • Expanding Wilds: While these wilds remain on the roller they appeared, but expand over the entire roller, so that more fields are covered with a wild symbol.

Tips & Tricks for Wild Swarm: stop when it's most beautiful

While there is no tactic with which you are guaranteed to win online at Wild Swarm, yet you should ensure that the best possible winning opportunities. Since the best profits are assigned in the swarm mode, you should not give a way to achieve this mode.

However, many beginners believe that they absolutely have to play for so long until the ad is completely filled at the beehive, just if some bees have previously appeared. These bees are not worthless even if the game is finished, because playing with real inserts in the casino will save progress. If the user restarts the slot again at a later date, then the adoption of the hive is filled again, and the player can continue where he stopped. If you do not use real money, but play Wild Swarm for free without registration, a saving of progress is not possible. But this does not do anything as they do not lose a single cent.

Generally, for all casino games: you should use the games only as long as it is fun. If you get tired when playing, or do you have something else to do, so you should just stop Wild Swarm. You can finally take a while later, whether after a few minutes or only after a few days, just go there again, where you have stopped the last time.

Conclusion: Play wild Swarm for free without registration

While you usually have to register in the online casino to use the game offer, this is not required on our website. Here is played with play money, and this is completely free from us. By caring caring Wild Swarm for free, you will have plenty of opportunity to test the features of this impressive bees slots and internal all the rules of the game. So you can become the expert for the game even if you do not want to risk any money. But with us you can not only play Wild Swarm online, but we also keep others Casino games free without registration ready for you. Both push gaming and many other high-quality brands are represented and are waiting to be extensively tried out of them.

We do not put any temporal limits and also fill your play money for free when it should be necessary. Even if you decide to play mainly for real money, you can swing back to play money at any time and at any time without risk to Wild Swarm and the many other high-quality slot machines.

Set real money at Wild Swarm - win real money

Even more tension offers the slot machine when you are ready to take a small risk and to play real money. While this is not possible without registration in an online casino, the registration is fortunately uncomplicated and takes a maximum of a few minutes. Even the minimum insert is limited, so you do not necessarily pay a lot of money. Some internet casinos also give new registered users even one Casino bonus without deposit, And if you should then deposit yourself for the first time at a later date, you can get another bonus, which often consists of a high extra credit, with which you then Many great slots be able to try.

If you would like to play Wild Swarm with real money, you must, of course, be sure to make sure that there are the great ones in the search for a suitable provider Games of Push Gaming Tobe offered.