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For pendants of slim slots with properly fat winning opportunities and yet exciting gameplay we have an insider tip. And one who does not necessarily have on the bill when you know that there is a slot with the machine game around a fruit. And although we introduce you to the online game Win Blaster from Gamomat. Will Name Gamomat does not know. It is one of the largest and most successful manufacturers of games that you find in online casinos in US and the rest of the world. Until a few years ago, Gamomat still appeared under another name. Maybe you is therefore still Bally Wulff a term. Gamomat is the new name of the Group, who has been with a wealth of great slot machines for land-based gambling halls for decades Online casinos provided.

It may be amazing, but in fact, the Win Blaster Slot counts despite his slender presentation and the fact that it is a fruit slot, to the games that can be very exciting and quite profitable. Convince yourself right now by playing Win Blaster for free without registration. Do you want to know a few numbers and figures? Here you are.

Win Blaster by Gamomat

In April 2019, so in the rather younger past, Win Blaster appeared online. The USA were happy about another fruit slot and were excited about the fact that he is refreshingly different. Win Blaster Online comes with a 3 × 3 layout, which means that he has only three rollers with three visible rows. There are five fixed paylines over this fairly clear field. As these are easy to explain. Each of the three lines horizontal and the diagonal. As a winning combination counts when you see three identical symbols on one of the paylines. And that is not even rarely the case, as the high RTP of 96.04% occupied. Incidentally, this is the theoretical disbursement probability that is usually between 94% and 96% for slots. Deviations up and down are of course possible. As a maximum gain, Win Blaster online wins 200 times the game of gaming. That's very decent. For example, if you play with 3 euros, you can use only one lucky turning 600 $ profit. that sounds tempting. The volatility - it reflects the scattering of the profits - is correspondingly very high. And thus enough of the pre-plain. Let's get to the rules, tips and tricks for the game. And who knows - maybe there is also a strategy that is worth playing to play. You certainly want to start the same and play Win Blaster for free. Do that. The demo version that is free and without registration for you can be found here.

And now we quickly throw a look at the main signs. Because these symbols are responsible for the profits and their amount.

  • Wild (wild symbol)
  • The lucky number 7
  • Blue stars
  • Belly
  • Plum
  • Oranges
  • Lemons
  • Cherries
  • Blue diamond

This list shows all profit symbols. They are sorted in descending order. This means that with 3x luck number 7, you collect the above-mentioned maximum profit while the blue diamond brings the smallest profit. By the way, you are already playing for free at the Win Blaster? If not, then try it right. Throw a detailed view of the game and try everything out. It's worth it certainly. And we will continue to go to the gameplay. Because this ensures tension.

How to Play Win Blaster Online?

Who is not quite inexperienced what slots is concerned, will know how the normal gameplay looks like. You have to define the game. Whether you are the Play free demo version or whether you risk real money. With a few mouse clicks, you determine how much risk you want to take per turn. Amounts between 0.05 $ and 3 $ per game are possible. The profits are directly dependent on the use. So you control your risk 100% itself.

Turn the rollers. Who does not know the game yet, is well advised to play the rolls at the Win Blaster every time the rolls turn the rollers. You do either with the space bar or click on the Spin Button. If you turn a profit, you can continue to gamble if you want. Then you just have to start the gamble feature. If this risk is too high, collecting this profit and play a new round. Again our invitation. You can play Win Blaster for free. Start the demo version directly and get to know the game in peace.

Who likes to see how the Win Blaster game runs from itself, which actuates autoplay mode. This then controls the game for you and plays exactly as long until you either press to stop or until the predefined rounds have expired. Any gains or losses are always added or deducted. You can sit back and watch how virtual account balance changes to the Win Blaster Slot.

We come to what a little spicy brings into the game. It is the wild feature of Win Blaster.

Wild symbol

Many slots and video slots were considered with a joker symbol called commonly called wild symbol. This is also available at Win Blaster. It has no special, spectacular appearance. It's the way it is: Wild. It can replace all other symbols and thus provide more profits. But with Win Blaster Online it still has a function.

When the wild symbol appears on the middle roll and entangled in a winning line, it suddenly becomes expanding wild, which means that it takes the whole roller and possibly even more gains possible. And that's still not enough. You should play Win Blaster for free to see it up close. If this case occurs, it triggers a multiplier. By chance, it is then determined with which multiplier the profits of this round can be multiplied. This number is between 1 and 100. Who plays the biggest happiness at the Win Blaster, can with the maximum use of 3 $ with only one gainline up to 60.Win 000 $ - with 3 x seven (wild symbol included) and the multiplier 100. That rocks!

Scatter symbol

Since the wild feature fails so lusciously, the player secretly expects that there is also a scatter symbol that may Free Spins or triggers something of the kind. But unfortunately. That does not exist. Otherwise, the RTP may be a little too high. We are therefore looking forward to the wild symbol and its function and are not about the absence of free spins sad.

Gamble feature

The next goodie is the Gamble Feature at Win Blaster. If you turn a profit, you can double it with luck. And that several times one behind the other. There are two different gamble features. The profit conductors and the card gamble feature.

Let's start with the profit conductor. This opens when you click on the flashing ladder icon. You then see a profit conductor with differently high amounts. The maximum profit can be seen at the top. Two amounts are flashing. One is higher than their current profit, the other lower. Click at the right moment, get the higher, otherwise the lower. In the worst case, this gives a total failure. More than the maximum you can not win with Blaster.

The alternative are the cards for gambling. Click on the map icon. Now you will see a hidden card flashing. You should guess if the front shows a black or a red icon. If you are right, your profit is doubled, otherwise he is gone. If you have luck, you can repeat the gamble feature multiple times.

However, the following note should be noted: The gamble feature is not accessible at higher profits and autoplay mode.

Get the conclusion about Win Blaster for free

For a fruits slot, Win Blaster is really good entertainment. Our experts are full of praise, their expectation is usually slightly damped when it comes to a fruit slot. But here much fits together. The gameplay is simple. Either the payline is full of equal symbols or you lose. The wild feature is a real highlight. Because if the wild spreads over the whole roll, everything can happen. The presentation of the game is good overall. The symbols are very high quality. The background is all and even fruit-untypical. It flashes in the darkness of the night. That gives the whole thing an interesting painting. Take advantage of the chance and look forward to playing the win blaster for free without registration. Collect a few good impressions about the game. They will be amazed as well as a slim slot can be. If you want to try other slot machines, you can perceive the opportunity and play many other slot machines for free without registration. The demo versions are fully available to you.

How to play Win Blaster online for real money

If a game like Win Blaster is fun, one would like to win real money as a diehard casino fan. This thought is not reprehensible. But on the contrary. Play the win blaster for free is good entertainment. This is no one doubt that Win Blaster has tried. But sometime you want to risk real money. So you get the most for yourself, you should look for a bonus. There are registration bonuses, the free spells without deposit. This allows you to get started without having invested a cent. And in fact it is possible to achieve even right profits. That requires patience and luck. But it's possible. Have lots of fun with it.